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Home Of The Good Shepherd was established in 1971 by Kurt and Gudrun Redmann.

Their determination, heart for hurting people and passion to follow God paved the way for how

Home Of The Good Shepherd began.

In 1970, with two young children and very little financial support, the Redmann's moved to Brazil with the purpose to serve God.  In the months to come, it became clear that there was a need to care for the children who were seen living in extreme poverty.  Abused and neglected, born into a cycle of prostitution and substance abuse, these were the forgotten children of Brazil.  As passion to care for these children grew, Kurt and Gudrun established Home Of The Good Shepherd in an abandoned hospital which was donated to them to be used for social work.

Located in a small settlement of southern Brazil, the wooden building was converted into a home where children experienced the love and care that would change their lives for the better.


Carrying on the amazing legacy of its past, Home Of The Good Shepherd continues to provide new ways of reaching and caring for the hurting children not only surrounding the Home's location, but across Brazil.


The future is bright - not only for the children currently being cared for through Home Of The Good Shepherd - but also for those who have yet to experience the warmth within its family context.

EST. 1971

The first children to arrive at Home Of The Good Shepherd in 1971.

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