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Lar Bom

the need

A number of Brazilian children experience abuse, neglect and unsafe living environments.

Home Of The Good Shepherd exists to help break that cycle.

a safe place

Children who come to Home Of The Good Shepherd vary from

0-18 years old and live in one of nine cottages where all of their needs are met in a safe and caring environment.

giving hope

Children experience an atmosphere of hope as they see Christ's love in everyday life. They also learn life skills through programs like music, art and hair cutting.

More Info

Translated from Portuguese to English, Lar Bom Pastor means "Home Of The Good Shepherd".

In this loving community, children are given a hope and a future as they learn healthy communication and social skills, receive an education and experience God's love for them and their families.

The LBP campus provides 24/7 care for 60-80 children at any given time.


It really does take a village to raise a child.
LBP's staff includes  teachers, counsellors, house parents and more.

Some children stay for weeks, months and possibly years depending their circumstance.

Hair Cutting Course
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Life Changing
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