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Ursula's Children's

the need

In Brazil, children attend school for half a day and are often left unattended the remainder of the time while both parents go to work.


Five year old's care for their infant siblings and house fires have occurred because a hungry child will attempt to cook for themselves on a gas stove.

Filling the gap

Children who attend receive food, medical care, help with their homework and participate in music, art and sport activities.  They also learn about the love of God through songs and devotional times.

giving hope

Not only do children receive care during the day, but their families receive counselling and support as well - Emotional issues and struggles with finances and time restraints are often linked to poverty.  One of the goals of UCH is to keep families together.

More Info

Ursula's Children's Home is known as Amiguihno Feliz in Brazil.  Translated from Portuguese to English, it means "Happy Little Friend".

UCH was founded in 1982 and has a team of 32 full time staff.

The Ursula's Children's Home campus serves 187 children.

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Aged 0-13, these children experience God's love in this Christ centred community.

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Children receive 2 meals every day, and depending on their age learn to read and write or have help with their schoolwork.

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